Sunday, 30 December 2018

New Years Eve

So these are some of the final things I have been working on for 2018. And now looking forward to clearer direction in 2019. There will be the finalising of Margaret Olley pieces first. Then I will have freedom to create . Emily said she is going to have a word to focus on for the new year instead of making a new year resolution. Not that we have been a family to make new year resolutions and I certainly don’t dwell my thoughts in that direction. I know I would break them pretty quickly or why wait til the 1 st January to start if it’s important enough start straight away when you think it is something you need in your life. Anyway Emily’s word is self- discipline. She will need that as she starts the year in Sydney intending to write her second novel.
So I thought what will be my word for the year.... mindfulness , gratitude, focus, discipline, balance 🤔 I have about nine hours to get it right.

Two pages being planned for my Margaret Olley journal where I am considering flowers of her still life paintings. The middle image is some house stitching on a vintage hemp french chemise. It will be part of the exhibition if I get enough work done on it. Stitching houses and a river reminiscent of the rivers near her residences in Tully, Tweed Valley, Brisbane, Paris and Sydney. 

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