Tuesday, 30 April 2019


A piece of wood layered with a torn strip of vintage lace from old tablecloth. Held together lightly with a weave of linen thread. Placed on recycled denim from a pair of jeans. All small pieces that in their own right may have been discarded but by bringing them together something new evolves .

Monday, 29 April 2019

Pink for April

Pink challenge finished for 2qaq ‘s colour challenge for 2019.Found the Margaret Olley quote 
‘I like to paint the gallery walls a particular pink’
Vintage linens and embroideries.

Sunday, 28 April 2019


My conceptual art quilt was juried into the SotA 2019 exhibition. It is now hanging in the Gympie Art Gallery alongside the 43 other art quilts acepted into the SotA 2019.

It is entirely hand stitched from reclaimed and vintage fabric. The base  nine patch is made from French hemp teatowels that have been ecodyed in Coreopsis , black beans and avocado pits. Three sisters flying away leaving the nest heading to new dwellings to forge a continuation of the story. It hasn’t stopped it has just changed. The edges and corners have been included into the story, they are hand stitched hems from the original owner or maker of the hand woven tea towels . 

Friday, 26 April 2019

Sketchbook cover

This is the results of a group collaborative art  activity at 2QAQ last year. A large piece of white cotton fabric was laid on a table with the artist’s gathered around each clutching a felt marking pen. We wrote , words favourite sayings, drew symbols lines and marks. Then a second group of artists came and did the same thing. We then came back to the work an applied paint. We wrote in paint, put lines around the previous images and words or covered them. After drying each artist was given a small piece. Mine was enough to make a small journal cover with a piece of orange added to the long edges.

The sketchbook is one I drew in during a trip to Spain and Morocco several years ago. The first image shows one of the pages of a statue of Mary in a small church in Madrid.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Personal Landscape Narrative

I have just returned home from a fabulous week in Toowoomba with Fibre Arts Australia working with Hannah Lamb from the UK. It was a week of exploring , playing , thinking, experimenting and developing a personal narrative of our own landscape from this activity. We drew, wrote, frottaged, cyanotype printed, critiqued and installed our pieces for exhibition. There were three other wonderful supportive textile artist in this master class where we each developed our ideas through the generous and thoughtful input from Hannah.