Thursday, 30 June 2016


Found this in the back of my fridge and just loved the pattern that it made. Translucent swirls, lines and grids. Pattern is everywhere around ,only needs eyes to see and hands to interpret into cloth and stitch. But with everything I am working on, finishing starting I think I will leave this as something beautiful. What is it?? An egg white that was left to dry up! The egg yolk must have been used and the white kept for.... Meringues maybe.

Monday, 27 June 2016


Had a wonderful day yesterday felting with Annamaria, Merody and Sharon in North Ipswich. We ate  cake, warming bowls of chicken noodle soup, lots of tea . Perfect for a cold winters day . I made a pre felt in off white and then added pieces to add to my story before finishing the felting to secure them into the picture. More fabric and stitch to be added. Sore back and arms today but happy with working body and mind in this ancient of crafts. Time to meditate during the process in the repetitive rolling motion in the felting technique.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Rusted with tea

Here is the stitched piece with some colour. I sprayed it with tea and left in the sun to dry . I love the black stain from the tannin interacting with the rusty things layered in the fabric. Not sure if I like the 'front' or the 'back' best.

Linen side up as the original front.                             Back side with cotton fabric . More rust colour

Monday, 13 June 2016

Slow stitching

I have been working on this stitched piece after reading  a new book by Alice Fox , Natural Processes in Textile Art. It is linen with a cotton back then sandwiched in between are some small rusty items; washers, nails, a buckle. I am slowly stitching the two layers with random seed stitch and straight stitches. I am using some old ecru crochet cotton.When the stitching is finished I will spray with tea. The tannins in the tea should react with the rust and stain the fabric and stitches. Then see what happens!
I am enjoying the meditative in and out of the stitches, I reflect on the lovely needle I am using as it glides easily thru the fabric.I run my fingers down each newly threaded length of cotton in the needle, smoothing , asking it for  strong , fine  stitches without any tangling or knots, to merge with the fabric as if there is no other place for it to be.

    Meditative stitches
Working hands

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Rhapsody in blue

This piece has finally come back from an exhibition for ATASDA in NSW as well as one in Brisbane. Lots of layers trapped under blue organza and hand stitched for the dress, with an added canvas face lightly stuffed, and sari silk hair.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

30 days in June

I really gained a lot from doing the 30 day small daily challenge in April so here I am working on a similar concept in June. The slow rhythms of stitch this time. I am meeting a goal to stitch every day , the slow working on stitch, one small piece at a time to maybe come together to a whole to express the daily focus. To be mindful in the moment , to allow myself that small moment  in the day, rather than lamenting the lack of time to work on my art.

Stitch in black on silk squares that I have tacked. Laid out on a similar pale green damask table napkin as my 30 days in April faces.