Sunday, 31 March 2019

Something new

This is an initial stage of an exploration. A bit of this and s bit of that. Vintage linen tray cloth with the leftover scraps of tea bage dyeing from @merodybuglar . I have used CAS Holmes technique of glueing down the layers. Next will come stitch of some sort. Machine ? Chunky stitches in pearl thread? Or black to put an image on?

Friday, 29 March 2019

Too Pretty

I have been working on this collage. I want the woman framed by fabric and lace but I am always trying to make it not pretty. This is veering towards too pretty.

I might teadye some of the white pieces. I might add some darker raggedy edge pieces of fabric. She is carrying something in her apron and there is the face of a feline character in the background.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Tea Houses

This small experiment with tea bags was started with some tea bags I had machine stitched together. I then used Cas Holmes’ technique of using wallpaper paste to adhere to a background.  When dried the pattern on some of the bags reminded me of tall terraces houses. So I simply stitched freehand the houses.
Some extra tea bags added and a piece of scrim which was the wee bag that contained spices in last winters’ mulled wine.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Finding Pink

Started early on my challenge piece for April. Pink as a reflection of Easter 🐣
I want to put in a quote by Margaret Olley where she talks about preferring the walls of galleries to be a particular shade of pink as it it more conducive to her paintings. But I can only find the text on this fact but not in her words. Anyone seen it anywhere?

Friday, 22 March 2019

Red and Green

Two more of my challenge pieces for 2qaq . Red for February and green for March. They are done with a repurposed linen tablecloth an old unfinished embroidered tray cloth , vintage embroideries, laces , tatting and cotton threads. Fun to do . I am thinking of putting them together in a kind of book that is foldable but can also be hung on display in one piece. Working , or at least thinking of the next one which is pink for April. The other members working on this challenge are doing some beautiful pieces and of course they are all so vastly different. As a display they will look wonderful.

Trying to find an artist’s quote on the colour has been a challenge. There are either so many quotes on a colour or none that I can find.
They are the same size 8x 6 inches even though they look different in the photo.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Gardens of the Heart

My piece is in line 1 of this 3 artist collaborative textile  poem. Written on the night of the blood moon. Through the mango leaves a blood moon rising. I often glimpse the moon tracking through the mango leaves of the enormous tree in my yard.
This international collaboration was developed and curated by India Flint. Each willing participant was prescribed a line 1,2 or 3.  They stitched up to nine words. They were sent off to Adelaide South Australia where the lines were stitched together. They were then beautifully exhibited in the Lobethal woollen mills gallery amongs bunches of hanging flowers and a myriad of tiny fairy lights. A true Garden of the Heart

The serendipitous poem ,  one of 85 poems reads as

‘Through  mango leaves a moon
Filled with awe and wonder
We join our hearts’

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


I finally started on the piece for Queensland Quilters Art group. This is a year long challenge. Each month a colour is assigned and a small piece is made. I chose to do my pieces in  8 x 6 in . Januarys colour was orange. I have an artist’s quote this one being Vincent Van Gogh. ‘There is no blue without yellow without orange’. Cut pieces of embroidery from old embroidered linens.

This picture shows the finished piece. Now to start on the next month Red for February and then Green for March.
I am hoping to be able to find a quote that is appropriate to the colour each month.


Relooking at a small cloth weave I made several years ago. Not sure why I added the wee dolls dresses. But only two ,maybe it needs another for balance. I am going to add more stitching to the base , just because it’s not as if I have too much else to work on.😘

The pink spotty dress was from my own childhood collection so it is vintage , ha, and the other is from my daughters. The base is an old piece of striped flannelette sheet, so it is very soft and lovely to hold and stitch on. A variety of fabrics including several weights of silk and cottons.