Monday, 27 February 2017

Little Red

Some pictures from my long in process Little Red piece. Looking at placement ,heart in the home of Grandma and Little Red the only two pieces of colour ,of life, .thinking about the wolf maybe there is no wolf , maybe Grandma is really the wolf in Grandma clothes. There will be a glimmer of something though to add the third touch of colour. Maybe pink or very faded black just hiding in the corner , showing a weakness ,  in the strength of Little Red and Grandma's heart. Lurking, threatening but held in bay by the strength of these women.

Saturday, 25 February 2017


Here is my little flower face just becoming , turning into what she needs to be. On a vintage handkerchief in a pink that could be Margaret's flesh pink,....maybe. I really like the little dancing feet at the bottom of the stem. There's no settling in one place for this dancer. She's moving ,to the beat, or the wind ,or life as it takes her.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Flower spirit

I have put a small face into the flower. Rounder , more the shape of Margaret Olley's round sweet face. Her spirit is in the flower, in all flowers. The face is drawn onto silk with an aquarelle pencil, spritzed lightly to blur. Even though this was just a bit of early morning inspiration play I think she needs to be put within a context. More garden? Maybe turned into a little brooch? Added to something larger? Hidden in the corner of the house shape larger piece? Something to mull on but all this play will lead somewhere. We just found out our application to exhibit at the Warwick Art Gallery has been accepted. The work gets a deadline, focus.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Some more ideas flowing onto the cloth for Margaret Olley inspiration. Faces in flowers and a hare from his cosy burrow as Margaret referred to The Hat Factory as in her later years. Comfort of home. Not sure about the faces added but it's to do with  language and communication and life and fleeting moments captured forever in a still life ,long past the time when flowers fade and die. Except for Margaret Olley's flowers they live on in the preservation of her house relocated to the Tweed Heads Art Gallery
Sorry but it's sideways not sure how to rotate it.

Saturday, 11 February 2017


Just playing and planning a layout for a Margaret Olley inspired piece. I had previously done the printing on fabric with Ali George . It is a weed. Because it is printed on the colour that I want in the piece ,the ' flesh ' pink. Not too sure what Margaret meant by flesh it skin colour or raw internal flesh!! which I assume would be more red. Then there is the vase made of an Australian design fabric with some native Grevellias. The crochet doily alludes to the domestic which she imbued into her art in her later years with the rooms of her home being the inspiration to set up her still life's for painting. She was certainly born in the era of crochet doilies being the norm for decorator items in a ladies home.