Saturday, 25 July 2015

Transfer Dye

Yesterday I transfer dyed these fabrics during a demonstration / mini workshop by Robyn and Meredith ( not sure of surnames but they are from the Boonah area) at Queensland Quilters Art Quilters meeting day. The colours are not as good as they really are! I have tied small rocks in one before sponging on the dye . In another I tried to use lace as a resist. Another I painted on one colour then added rock salt as it dried in the sun. One simply had several colours painted on as in a landscape and the final one I had done the painting of the dye with the fabric on the top of a piece of photocopy paper .This paper was then ironed, with its residual colours onto fabric which is the traditional way to use transfer dyes.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Tea Bag Dress

Some time in the past I stuck some tea bags onto a piece of calico for what reason I don't recall.
I am looking at them now with different eyes- I have an old Barbie doll dress pattern and if I stick on a few more Tea bags I can cut out and make up the dress

Monday, 13 July 2015

Paper Dolls

On my design wall at the moment is a small piece in progress. This is a challenge for Queensland Quilters Art Quilt group. More dresses to be added as well as the deciding edges and extensions. Each dress is designed according to each months  inspiration cues for the challenge.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Look See

I have been re reading my childhood during these winter holidays and of course looking at the words and images thru different 'eyes'. An inscription in the sequel Down the Bright Stream reads:
The wonder of the world, the beauty and the power, the shapes of things, their colours, lights, and shades; these I saw. Look Ye also while life lasts. The Little Grey Men was written in 1942 and is full of minute and detailed images of the English countryside. I am inspired to go into my backyard and look closely at life that may inspire some textile creation- maybe a sketch, some Eco-dying, printing with foliage, a photo to be taken and transferred to fabric or simply the colours from the blue sky down to the deep dark soil.

Friday, 10 July 2015

King of Tonga

I read recently that on 4 th July the Coronation for the new King of Tonga  ,Tupou VI ,took place. This brought back memories of when I was in Tonga in April 2012. This was  only weeks after the reigning King , George Tupou V passed on 18th March 2012. The country was in mourning and metres and metres of purple fabric were stretched around the streets, on fences, houses, shops. I made this piece to commemorate that time in Tonga. It includes the purple colour, photos I took that were printed on paper and  momogamied ,and sea glass findings from the beaches.

Making a start

This  is the first post where I simply want to record the progress of my textile endeavours
Angel made during a four week online class with Sara Lechner