Tuesday, 24 April 2018

More Landscapes

A couple of images from the Cas Holmes workshop. Paper , fabric and stitch.

This is a scroll book showing small images from important things in my backyard. Here is the paperbark tree where the turkeys often roost. And feathers are found at its base. I have stylised mark making tools from them at times.

Cas demonstrating at Fibre arts Woodlawn Lismore. 

Monday, 23 April 2018


I have just returned from a fantastic workshop at Woodlawn, Lismore run by FibreArts. Spent five days with Cas Holmes from the UK. I have all three of her books and have long admired her works. The workshop was Unfolding Landscapes so included sketching , laying down a landscape with fabric and papers then stitching in line, detail and further images with hand and machine stitch.

This was a quick sample of paper and scrim which had been painted with black acrylic paint as a brush wiping cloth. The picture strip is a piece from an image of Margaret Olley’ house at the Tweed Gallery.