Wednesday, 4 July 2018

More Bunnies

I haven’t only been making these bunnies but just finished the last two of the online class. So much fun so many techniques. May be good for cards or to add to a journal ... cats...bilbies ... will try and find a way to creat3 my own interpretation of these little cuties.

This is a vintage inspired fluffy bunny.

Angel bunny with wings

Saturday, 12 May 2018


I have been working on an online class with Kelli May Krenz. Bunnies in paint ,ink, pen,watercolours ,aquarelles, crayons using hands brushes, wooden skewers


It is good to play with paint and paper .To work on other pieces rather than the concentration I have been putting into my pieces for Broadstrokes Inspired by Margaret Olley exhibition in the Warwick Art Gallery next year. These have been so much fun , freeing.

Sunday, 6 May 2018


I couldn’t get my sewing machine to behave in some free motion embroidery so took to the paints instead.
This is a Margaret Olley inspired mess of pink and green with some flowers and a collaged image of an early piece of a drawing she did when still in school. I used some aquarelle crayons as well.

Just trusting in the process. Certainly got my frustration out over the sewing machine. Maybe I’ll revert to handstitching the piece I was working on. 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Tweed Valley

Playing around with this wee freeform house . Adding some blues of furnishing fabric. Take me to the river. Margaret Olley is in my head. She lived in a house on the banks of the Tweed River and had to be towed across by her mother to go to the local school. My Grandmother lived in Bega as her father was a manager at the Cheese factory. She and her sister were boarders at school in Sydney and when they returned home at holiday time they caught a steamer down the coast and as the boat didn’t dock they were hoisted over the side in a basket , the same way the goods being delivered were. People were made of much sterner stuff in these days of early to mid 20 th century. Family lore or true fact sounds good anyway. My grandmother was a very proper lady all her life and the main issue for her was keeping her skirts down to remain decent amongst all the sailors as she swung out over the water.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

More Landscapes

A couple of images from the Cas Holmes workshop. Paper , fabric and stitch.

This is a scroll book showing small images from important things in my backyard. Here is the paperbark tree where the turkeys often roost. And feathers are found at its base. I have stylised mark making tools from them at times.

Cas demonstrating at Fibre arts Woodlawn Lismore. 

Monday, 23 April 2018


I have just returned from a fantastic workshop at Woodlawn, Lismore run by FibreArts. Spent five days with Cas Holmes from the UK. I have all three of her books and have long admired her works. The workshop was Unfolding Landscapes so included sketching , laying down a landscape with fabric and papers then stitching in line, detail and further images with hand and machine stitch.

This was a quick sample of paper and scrim which had been painted with black acrylic paint as a brush wiping cloth. The picture strip is a piece from an image of Margaret Olley’ house at the Tweed Gallery. 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

February’s page

Sampson heard so much about a Harry the galah who wanted to go on a cruise to New Zealand with his family that he dreamt of going as well. So here he is sailing on the high seas. That is if the seas ever get high from Brisbane to Wellington. I know through experience they get pretty scary between Welllington and Picton. My mother told me years later after a crossing we did in which the later trips were cancelled after our boat made it safely to harbour. The  sea was so rough that she was so scared she would lose us all when  the boat was tossed every which way by the wind and sea. This was only a few years before the disastrous Wellington storm when the Wahine  tragedy  occurred doing this same crossing caused the loss of  many lives due to the stormy seas.
But the seas today for Sampson look pretty calm. The he is sighting land , the land of the long white cloud. There will be cloud and there may even be some smoke from the volcano.