Monday, 7 January 2019

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon ,painted canvas with lots of beads and stitch. Twig from a bonsai with special meaning. What is a Harvest Moon? 

Monday, 31 December 2018

Two more


Just stick them down! Still looking and deciding

Sunday, 30 December 2018

New Years Eve

So these are some of the final things I have been working on for 2018. And now looking forward to clearer direction in 2019. There will be the finalising of Margaret Olley pieces first. Then I will have freedom to create . Emily said she is going to have a word to focus on for the new year instead of making a new year resolution. Not that we have been a family to make new year resolutions and I certainly don’t dwell my thoughts in that direction. I know I would break them pretty quickly or why wait til the 1 st January to start if it’s important enough start straight away when you think it is something you need in your life. Anyway Emily’s word is self- discipline. She will need that as she starts the year in Sydney intending to write her second novel.
So I thought what will be my word for the year.... mindfulness , gratitude, focus, discipline, balance 🤔 I have about nine hours to get it right.

Two pages being planned for my Margaret Olley journal where I am considering flowers of her still life paintings. The middle image is some house stitching on a vintage hemp french chemise. It will be part of the exhibition if I get enough work done on it. Stitching houses and a river reminiscent of the rivers near her residences in Tully, Tweed Valley, Brisbane, Paris and Sydney. 

Monday, 24 December 2018

Christmas Eve

While in the kitchen waiting as my Christmas Eve feast is being prepared.  Tamar from Genesis chapter 38.

After watching video from Kate Thompson.
I am not a portrait drawer but I enjoyed putting this on an index card. Used a pen , ink and then tea stained. Stitched with red thread. I am going to have to stop doing classes, online , weekend and week long retreats because when do I start  to be me , to put down to produce what comes from me and not just a copy of others. Do I want to do clear or bright, vintage and muted, busy or minimal, work in  paper, paint ,hand or machine stitch , wool , silk, old linens, oh it goes on each time I see someone else’s work I say ,that is what I want to do. Then I see another artist’s work....completely different.

Friday, 21 December 2018


Today even though it is extraordinarily hot I have been working on the cover for my artist ledger which is based on Margaret Olley, ready for the exhibition Broadstrokes is presenting next year. I did not do the embroidery on the pink tray cloth. It is a vintage one that I have upcycled for this cover. I purchased it because it was pink and green. These are the two colours that Margaret mentioned as being important. The green as it is foliage , the supporting colour for flowers in vibrant colours and life and included in her still life’s. The pink relates to the pink Margaret would insist that the background walls in her exhibitions were as it is a colour which shows up her work the best. She even painted one gallery wall her self  in her early days as an artist. The ledger starts with thoughts on Margaret. It will be shown at the exhibition alongside the ledgers , journals , diaries, of the other nine members.

It is shown here on the reverse side of a wall piece I have also stitched for the exhibition. Cosy Burrow.


Two small paintings of possums. This is a lesson from Kelli May Krenz . They are meant to be the foxes as demonstrated in the online video but I purposely changed the head shape and tail to make them look more like possums. Christmas possums. The redness of the Ringtail and the greyish tinge for the brushtail.

Thursday, 20 December 2018


Visited yet another gallery today. Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Artto view the 2018 APT Australian Pacific Triennial. Stunning and thought provoking as usual. Too many images to digest. So here is two artists work.
The first is the work of Jakkai Siributr from Thailand.

The second is work from Hassan Sarif .