Saturday, 7 December 2019


Something happened last week that really got me reflecting. In a group setting each of us was saying one adjective to describe another. Someone said to me ‘Elle est calme’ , She is quiet.  This is something not new to me. All my life from young adult I have heard  ‘you are quiet’ or those trying to be funny have said ‘you talk too much’ or other such statements that made the rest of a group chuckle.  These words I came to dread, I felt less than others, somewhat different and not quite up to scratch. I would watch others in group settings and see them butt in, not hold the thoughts or message the other had said, make witty asides, speak louder to be the dominant voice, not be able to actually comment on each other’s words.
So now to last week I realised after that it didn’t bother me. It has been a long time since I’ve heard these words. I am content with quiet because I know the power and strength it holds. I know it’s value and mine and now in this fast paced world of busy -ness people are turning to mindfulness, to meditation, to slow cooking ,slow living and slow stitching.
I stitched my ‘quiet’ onto a piece of the mint dyed cotton that waited quietly for all those months as the fabric took hold of the colour. It will be stitched to the inside of my Alchemists Apron so only I can see it to remind me of the value of quiet.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Mint dye

I opened a solar dye jar recently that had fabric, cotton threads and linen doileys sitting outside for about 10 months. Into this jar was water ands heaps of fresh mint.

This was an old used ball of white cotton crochet thread. The dark stain is where a mass of mint leaves sat during this time and the pale colour is the mint dye liquid.

This picture does not show the lovely soft warm yellow that these fabrics turned out.The dark marks again are where the mint leaves sat during the time brewing quietly in the jar. One will be used as a background for another Little Red and I will stitch with the thread on another. Watch this space.....ha haI have so many plans and ideas that this may just have to wait.

Friday, 22 November 2019

Moon boat

I made this paper lantern today in a fabulous workshop with ATASDA Qld under the tutelage of Therese Flynn- Clarke. 

I will hang it outside with some little lights going up the mast.
‘The owl and the pussy cat went to sea’
It was a fun workshop,with not measuring or patterns we had to think it out and work on design problems as we went along. 

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Spirit Warrior

Finally I finished my Spirit Warrior. She is standing upright in her kantha stitched cloak, she has a serene face and she is sagely sending me good vibes .  I want to add more beads to her headdress and add more stitching to her cloak .

Her ‘ hair’ is a short section of vintage braid I found in a box that I got in a garage sale . Her face is stitched with a long warrior bugle bead nose. Makes her proud. All beads and fabrics are what I found while rummaging through my treasure trove of thrifted , found or donated old and vintage pieces of lace, fibre , fabric and paraphernalia as in beads and trinkets. She needs a name now I am thinking 💭

Friday, 4 October 2019


When you need a wedding card but have no inclination to go to the shops. First look on Pinterest. Made with what I had already .

Masterclass workshop

I have only now completed an intensive four days with Ruth Hadlow. Talking, listening, discussing , reflecting, making briefs, thinking , improvising, listing , all in the direction of guiding my creative practise. My head is spinning.
There is some photos I will put up soon.
Met up with an old friend, an acquaintance who is now a friend and made some new friends in creativity.


Friday, 27 September 2019

The Smile of Home

 I have finished my postcard for June .I have done the colour maroon as I didn’t want to do the prescribed grey for my birthday month so it’s  Maroon for June which is Queensland, mulled wine and rhubarb crumble. My quote as I couldn’t find and artist quote about Maroon.

And now with yellow for September completed I am caught up to date with these postcards. I have stitched the 9 together for display at the 2QAQ stand at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft show in October. I will now get on with Purple for October, Grey for November and Black for December.