Saturday, 19 August 2017


Here is a simple stitching of a photo of my Mum in her younger years. I copied it from a framed black and white photo. Traced onto tissue paper then stitching through the paper. Eyes need some more work. I have stitched it onto a vintage doiley. The other half went into the background for my last Little Red piece .

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


 Needing to find a home for these little cats inspired by Jude Hill at Spiritcloth. The small one is on cloud nine using some vintage handkerchiefs and a doily that needs to be cut in half, but I am baulking. I am not going to put any more colour on the white as I like the crisp pureness of the background , after all the cat is an angel in the clouds. The larger one is made up of three pieces from various experiments. His head is the cut away back behind a large appliqué Cheshire Cat on a quilt from about 1998. I saved it for a reason!. The doiley was indigo dyed with Ali George at her studio in Taroom and cut in half to share with Annamaria Mays, who has already used her half in a textile art piece. The lower part is an experiment in cloth weaving to make a surface. And the round eye is over his heart.

Now I need stitching. A face to embroider. Must cut that doiley and stitch it down.  Words in the backgrounds , maybe some more clouds.

Sunday, 13 August 2017


Sampling for Margaret Olley again. A tracing of her teapot or at least one of the teapots in her houses that she used for her still life set ups. Then stitched through the tracing paper with back stitch. Paper gently pulled and tweezered off. Doesn't show up very clearly , the green on the orange, but the background is a vintage 1970's Thai silk and was chosen to reflect the warm orange tones on a wall of   the Hat Factory where she lived in Paddington , Sydney. The green is for her love of green in her paintings. It is only 5 inches square.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

1year of stitch july

Here is an update of my year of stitches. So much done and so much more to fill in yet. I have stopped trying out new stitches. I know that I like running stitch, back stitch French knots and buttonhole in organic circles. My hand is stretching forwards releasing the stitches , symbols of life and mindful awareness of the directions some paths are travelling.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Flowers for Grandma

Starting another Little Red piece. Using the left over bits from the doily I cut the hexagons from for the ecodyed hexagon piece. Added Grandmas house. But Little Red has decided that Grandma doesn't want the cakes and bread, she wants flowers. So Little Red ditched the food for flowers for Grandma to enjoy , to enrich her soul.

Lots of stitching to come. Stitching the backing together which is part of a tray cloth on the top and a pulled apart old soft pillow case. Both have embroidery on their ends which I will cut off for another piece.
Going to add some octogons around basket, will outline shape of cutout hexagons a bit more....blanket stitch or stab stitch. Need to back stitch in Little Reds hand....a sun in top left? Door, windows ...pathway? Too much to think of . Firstly I might iron it all!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Ecodye Hexagons

I need to do something for the 2QAQ display at the Quilt show in October. We have been asked to display pieces using the Eco / botanical dyed fabrics we experimented with last year. So I started making hexagons from a piece that was wrapped and boiled with  eucalypt , purple carrot , turmeric and onion skins either bundled up with or in the boiling water. I have also used an old doiley where I cut out the small embroidered flowers to make more hexagons. An old  crochet doiley is just sitting as I ponder the layout.

I also embroidered some of the fabric then made covered buttons to go on the piece.

'Rising out of the rough weeds, listening, looking'   Mary Oliver

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Improvisational piecing

Went to a workshop today on this style of improvisational piecing run by Jane Rundle. Really enjoyed the process of which I have done some of before but not just random exploration and thinking of the process. I have used Gwen Marstens book for inspiration , where she delves into this style. I have made house blocks. So it was good today to think more of the design as I was going along such as line , repetition, contrast and focal points.

Not such a good picture against the pine floor. The dark is a dark blue not black as it looks in the photo. I love the colours. Might keep going or turn it into a book cover. I would like to use this technique with some of the vintage linens and embroidered textiles. White with embroidery and other colours that combine ...maybe a indigo dyed blue.