Monday, 13 June 2016

Slow stitching

I have been working on this stitched piece after reading  a new book by Alice Fox , Natural Processes in Textile Art. It is linen with a cotton back then sandwiched in between are some small rusty items; washers, nails, a buckle. I am slowly stitching the two layers with random seed stitch and straight stitches. I am using some old ecru crochet cotton.When the stitching is finished I will spray with tea. The tannins in the tea should react with the rust and stain the fabric and stitches. Then see what happens!
I am enjoying the meditative in and out of the stitches, I reflect on the lovely needle I am using as it glides easily thru the fabric.I run my fingers down each newly threaded length of cotton in the needle, smoothing , asking it for  strong , fine  stitches without any tangling or knots, to merge with the fabric as if there is no other place for it to be.

    Meditative stitches
Working hands

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