Tuesday, 4 December 2018


On the fourth day of Christmas. My very old advent calendar made when my children were young. I used to put lollies in the large pocket which is the bucket of the tree. But of course with little sticky fingers they never lasted for more than a few days. No one could keep to one a day when it was your turn to put up the new decoration on the advent tree calendar. They eagerly waited their turn when they could choose which ornament to put up. So now I still put it up and add to it daily myself. Keep up the joyful enthusiasm of past Christmas’s filled with wonder through the eyes of a child. I have to keep up the standards , to keep the traditions going, to honour the memories.

I took this photo because of the little fly climbing up the orchid stem. Watching him closely as he cleaned his wee feelers and ‘face’. So sweet and busy. 

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