Friday, 21 December 2018


Today even though it is extraordinarily hot I have been working on the cover for my artist ledger which is based on Margaret Olley, ready for the exhibition Broadstrokes is presenting next year. I did not do the embroidery on the pink tray cloth. It is a vintage one that I have upcycled for this cover. I purchased it because it was pink and green. These are the two colours that Margaret mentioned as being important. The green as it is foliage , the supporting colour for flowers in vibrant colours and life and included in her still life’s. The pink relates to the pink Margaret would insist that the background walls in her exhibitions were as it is a colour which shows up her work the best. She even painted one gallery wall her self  in her early days as an artist. The ledger starts with thoughts on Margaret. It will be shown at the exhibition alongside the ledgers , journals , diaries, of the other nine members.

It is shown here on the reverse side of a wall piece I have also stitched for the exhibition. Cosy Burrow.


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