Saturday, 24 February 2018

Lovely Ladies

Another picture of the slow faffing while planning the layout for these three lovely ladies. I am happy with this one but not sure about the dresses being so shaped and short. I will make them come to the bottom edge then maybe just some wee plimsolls peeping out under the hem. I see these ladies as rather rotund.

These dresses are just tissue paper to get an idea of a pattern for a dress. I’m actually really liking the transparency of the tissue. Maybe silk organza or scrim. I was just going to make each dress from a piece of cotton fabric. This is why it takes me so long to get anything started let alone finished. This will sit and mull for awhile. Needs something up in the top part of the background.....words.....sun, moons , stars.....more shapes....... maybe something a bit bizarre .....birds....bats......a possum....snake. Must stop now!!

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