Tuesday, 27 February 2018

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Sampson heard so much about a Harry the galah who wanted to go on a cruise to New Zealand with his family that he dreamt of going as well. So here he is sailing on the high seas. That is if the seas ever get high from Brisbane to Wellington. I know through experience they get pretty scary between Welllington and Picton. My mother told me years later after a crossing we did in which the later trips were cancelled after our boat made it safely to harbour. The  sea was so rough that she was so scared she would lose us all when  the boat was tossed every which way by the wind and sea. This was only a few years before the disastrous Wellington storm when the Wahine  tragedy  occurred doing this same crossing caused the loss of  many lives due to the stormy seas.
But the seas today for Sampson look pretty calm. The he is sighting land , the land of the long white cloud. There will be cloud and there may even be some smoke from the volcano.

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