Sunday, 9 July 2017

Improvisational piecing

Went to a workshop today on this style of improvisational piecing run by Jane Rundle. Really enjoyed the process of which I have done some of before but not just random exploration and thinking of the process. I have used Gwen Marstens book for inspiration , where she delves into this style. I have made house blocks. So it was good today to think more of the design as I was going along such as line , repetition, contrast and focal points.

Not such a good picture against the pine floor. The dark is a dark blue not black as it looks in the photo. I love the colours. Might keep going or turn it into a book cover. I would like to use this technique with some of the vintage linens and embroidered textiles. White with embroidery and other colours that combine ...maybe a indigo dyed blue.

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