Saturday, 22 July 2017

Flowers for Grandma

Starting another Little Red piece. Using the left over bits from the doily I cut the hexagons from for the ecodyed hexagon piece. Added Grandmas house. But Little Red has decided that Grandma doesn't want the cakes and bread, she wants flowers. So Little Red ditched the food for flowers for Grandma to enjoy , to enrich her soul.

Lots of stitching to come. Stitching the backing together which is part of a tray cloth on the top and a pulled apart old soft pillow case. Both have embroidery on their ends which I will cut off for another piece.
Going to add some octogons around basket, will outline shape of cutout hexagons a bit more....blanket stitch or stab stitch. Need to back stitch in Little Reds hand....a sun in top left? Door, windows ...pathway? Too much to think of . Firstly I might iron it all!

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