Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Gardens of the Heart

This is my piece for an India Flint Exhibition in Adelaide next year. The exhibition is Gardens of the Heart. Three line poems and I was  allocated line  one. It will be hung with different artist lines 2 and 3.
At the opening in February some of the three line poems will be read

I decided on my line when the blood moon was around. So had to include the moon and then wanted to include something from my garden that speaks of a typical Queensland back yard. What could be more so than a mango tree. The background was ecodyed in onion skins and eucalyptus leaves and avocado. No mordant and the cotton wasn’t treated before bundling and boiling. I wanted to say

‘Through mango leaves
A blood moon rising’

But it was a bit long as I did it free hand so letters started out too big.

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