Sunday, 14 January 2018

Year of stitches 2018

 Starting the year off with my 1yearof stitches 2018. I have made a cloth book from a heavy canvas. Each month will have a page of part of the year long story of my cat Sampson. He is the good boy I also have a bad boy cat Pablo who may feature at times . But he is dark grey with a lot more white so will blend into the background. So for January poor hot Sampson is trying to find a cool place to nestle for the snoozes throughout the long summer days. I cut him freehand from a piece of cotton organza. This is the back view , harder to achieve will be the front where he has white patches on his face and chest. He is a real tuxedo cat. I only discovered black and white cats are called this through seeing it on Instagram.

So far all the stitching done has been straight stitches. I wonder what he is looking at...a few more weeks of January to add more into the story.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how the story developed.