Sunday, 28 January 2018


Sampson needed something to look at. It is too hot for him to try and catch birds, besides they are leaving now that they see him in the garden. It’s always cooler by the frog pond. Had to do a rough organic binding on the edges of the page as it frayed a lot. So before I start each page I will do this....hope to get the fabric right in colour and texture as I don’t want it to be too preplanned out... Just stitching and going depending on what he’s doing on the day I start.

Silk and cotton tree with fly stitches to hold down. Will keep adding to the sky before starting my next page for February. I want to stitch the story on the lecto page and lightly attach with buttons so it can be lifted to see the reverse side stitching which is really lovely and raw. Will find time somewhere as I am back at school now but really pleased with all the stitching and finishing that I got done over the holidays even though it was too hot at times. Wish I had taken to my studio/ sewing room with as much gusto as it still looks like a bomb has hit or burglers have ransacked it or a herd of cows has trampled through . And I am not exaggerating.

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