Monday, 31 August 2015

Spring Flower Magic

I began working on this as a response to a 'floral carpet' as a a challenge for my six member Broadstrokes textile art group. It remained unfinished. So when I read that Atasda (QLD) was having a challenge due in the September meeting with a similar topic I continued to work on it. The challenge is entitled Spring Flower Magic and a quote from Ralph Waldorf Emerson 'The earth laughs in flowers' used as an inspiration. But I had not read the fine print where the date of this challenge is 2013. So I am 2 years too late!!! But here it is I will still take it along to the meeting to show.

The background is made up of an old  Chinelle bedspread as the carpet. Then silk flowers machine embroided on . These came from the effects of my Aunt Jill when we had to clear out her house for sale. She always had flowers both real and artificial decorating her home. Other flowers are cut from fabric and old lei pre made embroidery patches and some stamped images. The black and white adds the touch of magic and the eyes to give it life .

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