Friday, 17 August 2018


I have had a very creative time lately where I have been totally absorbed and focused on the making. The making for myself , not for any purpose of an exhibition or display but that where I get to do what I like best...stitching , using vintage fabrics and bits of leftovers, going into my beautiful display cabinet where I keep an old tin with a collection of buttons , mother of pearl, glass and linen. Choosing a perfect button but spending time in holding many of them, sorting , pondering , testing out what they look like on the place where a button is needed.

So here is a sample of the result. A house made with two pieces of vintage quilt I acquired. Finding some lace and digging through a scrap bag of old Liberty fabrics. This is a constant theme in my makings and has certainly come to the fore with my pieces for a Margaret Olley inspired exhibition I am working towards with a small group I am in ,  Broadstrokes . The home as the centre , the safe haven, the place to return to for shelter and comfort and love. 

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