Saturday, 5 May 2018

Tweed Valley

Playing around with this wee freeform house . Adding some blues of furnishing fabric. Take me to the river. Margaret Olley is in my head. She lived in a house on the banks of the Tweed River and had to be rowed across by her mother to go to the local school. My Grandmother lived in Bega as her father was a manager at the Cheese factory. She and her sister were boarders at school in Sydney and when they returned home at holiday time they caught a steamer down the coast and as the boat didn’t dock they were hoisted over the side in a basket , the same way the goods being delivered were. People were made of much sterner stuff in these days of early to mid 20 th century. Family lore or true fact sounds good anyway. My grandmother was a very proper lady all her life and the main issue for her was keeping her skirts down to remain decent amongst all the sailors as she swung out over the water.

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