Saturday, 25 November 2017

ladies in waiting

These ladies pushed themselves to the fore during my searching in the studio for something else. They have been doing it a lot lately but so far I have managed to keep them under control and well hidden under piles of fabrics also waiting for attention.
Ok ok I will see what I can do. Out came a recently thrifted vintage hand towel. This gave some colour choices. Pinks and green with a touch of orange.  Then of course hats are needed so maybe these odd lace scraps will give some cohesion and I don’t have to think about fashioning hats , or fascinators. The green is a failed experiment firstly it was disperse dyed in a workshop then I threw into a green dye when I was dying some other fabric for a project.

The ladies themselves are faces I painted years ago when my fascination was making dolls , especially with attitude. So this is a strip of about 5 faces ready to cut ,sew and stuff for the heads. But now they want something gentler like this white cotton hand towel. They don’t have to stress about details and sitting straight.

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