Tuesday, 29 August 2017


This is my first Little Red. For my 7 th birthday in Wellington New Zealand from a school friend. Kept with me all these years. The little rabbit has lost an ear but I can't recall when that happened. I used to play with these , very carefully but I'd set them up and the animals would speak to Little Red. 'No Little Red don't do it, don't go to Grandmas there are wolves about' or 'there is a lone wolf lurking in them there hills'. So this little frame came from Vinnies. As soon as I saw it I thought finally a home for Little Red so she doesn't have to be kept hidden away safely.

Then I made the background for her . It shows Grandmas house which is pure white, but that is a disguise. There is ecodyed silk, batik, dyed scrim, indigo dyed sky and a commercial cotton with the tree printed on it. More lace and stitch to come. Not sure if I should paint the box , white, varnish, a colour , add text or leave it?


  1. I'd leave it natural but that's because I'm lazy! Love the background - look forward to seeing it in the flesh.

    1. yes I'd never get round to painting either!! The background looks better now that I've stitched more . They need a 'floor' or path to stand on as well. They will be so happy. 🤗