Sunday, 9 April 2017


I 'm going to make me a bird. .....I have always wanted to make a scruffy sort of organic looking fantasy bird, so this is my prototype. He is not a chicken. Sort of started with a pattern but then I didn't want him to be so neat edged so I'm going to have raw edge wings and tail. Not sure about the beak as it looks too much like a duck....cut down? or stitch on so it goes a bit higher?....maybe the pinning is pushing it down to look like a duckbill. The feet were the most difficult as I think the wire is too 'thick'. I am going to the florist warehouse to get some florist tape to cover his wire legs and toes. And he needs eyes. Buttons with a shank ? or black beads ? or stitch on a round shape then add a bead?

His body is made of repurposed wool suiting and his wings and tail are silk. Beak a scrap of cotton .

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