Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Process Pledge

I have been travelling through blogs and Instagram and came across a pledge. This was from 2010 so I didn't link the icon into my sidebar. The focus was on planning to write more in a blog of the process of a piece of work , not just putting in the finish. To explain and share the thoughts behind the work and trials of fabric, colour , design, plans . I used to only like to show finished work as the 'ugly stage ' before resolution or the beginnings was often met with blank stares. ( very caught up in what others thought of my work and a negative word could often completely sideline the work)
 But now I find textile art and makings is a different matter. Sometimes every step along the way can have a sort of beauty in itself from the dying, printing or marking of fabric to stitching, mending, appliqué, merging, melding and expanding the space and putting together or be inspirational to others or even when shown new ideas for direction come up when shared with other like minded souls. Little scraps of samplings are gems of artist endeavour of seeing how it might be and of course leads to more exploration, play, sampling before a final piece is germinated. Sometimes I find little scraps resurface later into another piece or kick off an idea to work around. So it will be beneficial to my way of working to document the process.

Here is a picture with some of my samplings. Thinking always now of Margaret Olley impresssions from her home studio. The parrot was a thrift shop find. All single elements made as separate but trying together or pairings or still looking for a home. Here there is indigo and shibori dying , botanical dying, sketching with aquarelles , fabric weaving, discharge, appliqué, embroidery on wool, cotton and silk, lace,pom-poms and found stitchery.

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