Friday, 29 July 2016

Kareem's Edge

This is the very early start to a piece for Queensland Quilters night group. We were all given the name and jockey colours of a race horse. I have Kareem's Edge and the colours are pink and white. We have until November ( Melbourne Cup day )as the monthly meeting is that night. We have to be inspired by the name or the colours. When I looked up Kareem I was drawn to Kareem Abdul Jabar. He was a US basketball player, some say the best ever! So the cross in my piece refers to the crossroads in Kareem's life that he faced along the way. I have drawn a sketch of his arm in the process of slam dunking a ball through the hoop ,which he was renowned for doing ,and unstoppable. I will stitch it somewhere on the piece with a large round ball. Not sure what else yet, he writes and has some interesting ideas ,so maybe a quote as well.

The background is a piece of white linen and the pink an old Indian sari given to me by Ali George. I love the laddering that is running through the pink silk. 

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